A ‘not for profit’ social enterprise working with local and regional partners to raise awareness of environmental issues and to encourage personal positive action that will allow local communities to thrive in a healthy global environment. Since our formation in 2001 we have forged links with fifteen partner organisations and worked with over 50 schools and groups to deliver earth education activities both residentially and within the community. In addition we have provided training and development for over 300 people. 

The Earth Education Approach 

Much of our work is done using the tried and tested earth education approach with clear, focused outcomes: 

Conceptual encounters: these teach the key ecological concepts that support life on Earth such as energy flow and food chains, the air cycle, water cycle and soil cycle. 

Immersing activities: to help participants explore the natural world through activities which encourage plenty of rich, direct contact with nature, breaking down barriers and developing personal feelings for the natural world. 

Personal action: to encourage personal, positive action to live sustainably through life style choices. All conceptual encounters and programmes have a strong personal message about human impacts on the environment. 

The underlying principle is that if someone understands (conceptual encounters) how things work and how we impact upon the natural world, cares for and appreciates the natural world around them (immersing activities) then they will readily take positive personal action to live sustainably. 

Exploring the Soil Cycle
Learning is fun!